Sub-Saharan Africa facing COVID-19

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According to the World Bank estimations, the losses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa could range between 37 and 79 billion USD in 2020.

The agricultural production could decrease by -2.6 to -7% which represents a real threat when it comes to food security.

The disruptions in the supply chain may also shrink by -13 to-25% thus hindering food imports. In addition, a high number of workers in the informal sector do not benefit from a social security coverage: health insurance, unemployment benefit, paid leave… In the face of the pandemic, the World Bank favours a political and social approach as follows:

  • Strengthening health systems
  • Implementing social security programmes to support the most disadvantaged workers
  • Securing the supply chain to avoid a food crisis in the region
  • Elaborating a post COVID-19 exit plan.

Culled from Atlas Magazine-