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Who We Are

The African Insurance Organisation (AIO), established in 1972, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by many African governments. Following the headquarters agreement the government of Cameroon signed with the organisation, the Permanent Secretariat of the AIO was set up in that country.

Structure of the AIO

The African Insurance Organisation consists of a General Secretariat, headed by a Secretary General, an Executive Committee, headed by the President and the General Assembly which is the supreme body of the Organisation.

The AIO came into being in 1972 in Mauritius with the following objectives:


To develop a healthy insurance and reinsurance industry in Africa


To promote inter-African co-operation in Insurance

Priority Areas for the Future

Consolidating and strengthening the existing pools and associations set up by AIO.

Partnering with other organisations, notably the World Bank, UNCTAD , ILO and Access to Insurance Initiative in various capacity building programmes.

Encourage the development of Microinsurance.

Promoting African Regulatory Capacity Building.

Promoting the capacity building of African Training Institutes.

Promoting the Management of Life and Pension funds for development.

Developing the AIO website into a veritable reference point for African insurance.

Promoting the African Centre for Catastrophe Risks.

Creating a Pool for Catastrophe Risks.

Encouraging scholarly research.

On-going Strategic Goals

Strategic Relevance

Improve the strategic relevance of the organisation in member countries.

Organizational Growth

Restructure the secretariat to competently support the growth of the organization.

Brand & Communication

Improve organisation brand and communication.



Organises the annual African Insurance Conference and General Assembly.

Reinsurance Forum

Organises the annual African Reinsurance Forum.


Introduced the AIO Book Award for books written on the subject of insurance in Africa. This is with the aim of encouraging scholarly research.


Publishes annually the African Insurance Annual Review as well as conference and seminar documents. It also maintains a website through which information on events in insurance especially in Africa is disseminated. This website will soon be interactive with the setting up of a Discussion Forum for members.

Work Programmes

Engaged in supervisory/regulatory capacity building and promotion of special work programmes.


Relaunched the African Insurance Bulletin in 2009.

Life Seminar

Organises the annual Life Insurance Seminar, as well as various workshops and seminars during the year.


Established Technical Pools.

Bodies established by AIO

The AIO has established a number of bodies under its umbrella notably;

The African Aviation Pool

The African Aviation Pool currently underwrites business from a number of African and International airlines and as at 31/12/2016 has membership strength of 52 underwriting companies spread across Africa.


Despite the tough highly capitalized global terrain it operates, the African Aviation Pool still provides much needed capacity to the African aviation industry. With recent noticeable losses in the continent, premium rates are expected to stabilize or even increase in the near future.


MANAGERS: AFRICAN REINSURANCE CORPORATION For enquiries on the Pool, please send an email to info@africa-re.com or atiomo.paul@acrica-re.com

The Association of African Insurance Brokers

The Association is one of the earliest organs established by AIO. Membership is open to insurance Brokers or Consultants or Insurance Brokers/Consultants Associations, whose principal business is insurance or related matters and are domiciled in Africa.


Objectives of AIBA:

  • To protect and promote the general welfare and interest of Insurance Brokers and Insurance Brokers Associations in Africa.
  • To encourage the exchange of insurance and reinsurance business between members.
  • To be the recognized official body of the African Insurance Organisation for the protection of the interests of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers.
  • To promote insurance pools in Africa.
  • To promote insurance education and exchange of technical information between members and other insurance markets.


Structure of AIBA

The Association is ably led by the Chairman while the Secretariat is headed by the General Secretary. The management (Executive committee) is equally headed by the Chairman with members elected from the Regional Groups of West Africa, North Africa, Central & East Africa and South Africa. The Association functions through the Executive committee and other working committees established by AIBA.

The African Oil and Energy Insurance Pool

The African Oil and Energy Pool provides needed capacity and underwrites businesses in Africa and some International markets. As at Year ended 2016, the African Oil and Energy Pool (AOEP) had 50 underwriting companies from 14 African Countries.



For enquiries on the Pool, please send an email to info@africa-re.com or atiomo.paul@acrica-re.com

The AIO Life Committee

The AIO Life Committee is one of the Committees of the African Insurance Organization with the objective to “promote the development of Life and Pensions Industry in Africa.”

Program & Activities – The Life Committee organises two (2) main programmes (i) The Life Forum; and, (ii) The Life Seminar.


The Life Forum is held during the AIO Annual Conference and General Assembly and provides a platform for delegates from Life Companies. Presentations are done on a Life related topic and then a feedback from the Life Committee is given to the delegates.


The Life Seminar is the flagship event of the Life Committee and is held annually in November.

The Association of African Insurance Supervisory Authorities

The Association of African Insurance Supervisors (AAISA) is the umbrella body for insurance supervisory authorities in Africa. Its main objectives are to promote cooperation among supervisory authorities, to assist countries in human resources development, and to create a forum for the standardization of insurance laws and supervisory structures in the continent. It has held a number of workshops and seminars with the support of UNCTAD.


AAISA was set up in 1989 with head office in Cameroon. It was set up mainly with the aim of:

  • Facilitating exchange of information on insurance supervision among members
  • Strengthening insurance supervisory authorities

AAISA is currently made up of 24 Insurance Supervisors.

The Association of African Insurance Educators and Trainers (AAIET)


  •  To encourage and promote insurance education in Africa, working through various insurance educational facilities and resources in each member country, sub-regional and also on a Pan-African level.
  • To assist African Insurance Educators in each member country, sub-region and on a Pan-African level, on a continuing basis, to conduct research into their insurance training and education requirements and recommend training and education programs that are likely to assist in producing suitable insurance and related personnel, in adequate numbers for all levels and areas of African Insurance.
  • To encourage and promote research aimed at determining suitable teaching methods and teaching aids for training and educating African Insurance and related personnel.
  • To encourage and promote the teaching of insurance and related subjects, at all levels in Africa, and, in pursuant of this objective, to support all existing insurance training and encourage and support the establishment of new training and education centres for insurance and related subjects, at all levels, in each insurance company, national insurance institutions, colleges, universities, other national centres of education, sub-regional specialized insurance training institutions and centres as well as on a Pan-African level.
  • To encourage and support exchange programs for African Insurance Educators and to establish within a reasonable time, a Pan African Insurance Training and Research Centre, which shall be of the highest possible standard.
  • To encourage and support the writing of articles, monograms, books and other study materials on insurance and allied or related subjects, which are especially relevant for training and educating African insurance personnel and to exchange these among member institutions.
  • To encourage and support the establishment and development of insurance libraries, documentation centres, at all levels for the benefit of the African insurance industry.
  • As much as is possible, to encourage the harmonization of the contents of insurance courses of syllabi for insurance courses for various levels of insurance training in Africa.
  • To encourage in each Country and sub-region, the learning about insurance practices, laws and insurance control or regulation of other African countries and sub-regions.


To achieve these objectives the Association through the AIO Secretariat, is involved in the priority areas of the AIO concerning capacity building. The future activities include:

  • Partnering with other organisations, notably the World Bank, UNCTAD, ILO and Access to Insurance Initiative in various capacity building programs.
  • Promoting African Regulatory Capacity Building.
  • Promoting the capacity building of African Training Institutes.
  • Encouraging scholarly research.
  • Promoting insurance education and training.
  • Strengthening the African Training Institutes.
The African Centre for Catastrophe Risks - ACCR

The African Centre for Catastrophe Risks (ACCR), located at and managed by “la Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR)-Morocco- has as mission, not only to develop insurance and reinsurance of catastrophe risks in Africa, but also to encourage prevention and protection against these risks (Earthquakes, floods, draughts,…).

The members of ACCR include African states, countries, companies and African and European organizations which are all actors in the field of insurance and reinsurance. They are distributed as follows:

  •  Two African States;
  • 25 African insurance and reinsurance companies;
  • Two international reinsurers;
  • 4 countries


Main activities:

ACCR has organized three regional conferences in Casablanca on “Insurance and Reinsurance of Risks Related to Natural Disasters». These conferences were organized thanks to a partnership with UNCTAD, the World Bank, AIO and SCR. Also, the Centre has published a book on catastrophe risk entitled:

Catastrophe Risks: Management and Coverage in Insurance and Reinsurance.


Concerns of the Centre:

  • Creating a database for a better identification and evaluation of exposure and vulnerability to catastrophe risks (earthquakes, floods, draughts, terrorism…)
  • Producing catastrophe risk maps
  • Elaborating a pricing model for catastrophe risks
  • Coming up with insurance and reinsurance programs that cover catastrophe risks
  • Managing draught risk and developing insurance and reinsurance policies, together with index hedges that cover this risk-type
  • Organizing periodic international conferences on catastrophe risks
  • Promoting the putting in place of relief assistance for worst-off victims